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Producers, marketers, processors, and consumers have identified various problems that militate against the cultivation and utilization of indigenous vegetables in Africa. These include lack of planting materials, lack of production package information, lack of government support, the psyche of consumers that discourage promotion of indigenous species, lack of awareness of the food value of the species, difficult production techniques e.g. staking, etc., and high degree of perishability amongst others. It is known that the agrarian/rural communities that constitute about 65% of most African countries rely on these valuable vegetables for daily supplies of nutrients, vitamins and even protein. Thus, sustained production and utilization of these indigenous vegetables (IVs) will be a solution to the persistent problems of food and nutritional security in Africa. It is therefore timely to organize a forum to discuss issues that are related to the production and utilization of the indigenous vegetables of Africa from the perspectives of science, technology, finance and policy. Therefore, one of the goals of this conference is to bring together the stakeholders in the indigenous vegetables value chain. The conference will focus on development of improved agronomic methods, improved value addition, post-harvest and processing technologies, financing and the development of new market outlets which will contribute to the economic well-being of the rural women and generally enhance the average family income and provide a bulwark against food and nutritional insecurity.

Objectives of the Conference

The main objective of the conference is to bring together a global community of stakeholders (the academia, NGO, donor agencies, and industry) working on issues related to African indigenous vegetable to drive the process of promoting entrepreneurial development in the vegetable sector. The conference will bring together the body of knowledge on African vegetables for collation and archiving. The aim of the 2017 Afri-Veg Conference is to further our understanding of the challenges faced by the various stakeholders in the vegetable value chain and to recommend best practices that will enable us to overcome these challenges. The conference will encourage collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experience among participants. The ultimate goal is to encourage women's participation in vegetable value chain, which will have an impact on economic development, and allow greater diversity in household sustenance dynamics.

Theme: African Vegetables: From Plot to Plate


  • Agronomy: soil management, pest and diseases management, water management, pathology, breeding and crop improvement, seed production, cropping systems, conservation and diversity
  • Food science and value addition: post-harvest handling, processing, preservation, packaging, food and nutrition, nutraceuticals
  • Food security and policy
  • Economics & marketing: agribusiness, impact assessment
  • Social and culture: gender issues, youth issues, communication and extension
  • Communication, dissemination and scaling up approaches, innovation platform
  • Technology and innovation in vegetable value chain


Expect multidisciplinary sessions during 2017 Afri-Veg Forum bringing together the world's most renowned experts to address the latest innovation, advances, technology, issues and challenges in vegetable value chain. The program will include:

  • Keynote speakers and expert panelists from the academia, NGO, donor agencies, and industry
  • Plenary sessions on: Agronomy; Food science and Value addition; Economics & Marketing; Communications; Social and cultural is­­sues; Food security and Policy issues; Dissemination and scaling up approaches; Technology and Innovation in vegetable value chain, etc.
  • Peer reviewed published and archived conference proceedings
  • Full paper presentations and poster sessions on current topics affecting African vegetables: from the farm to the plate
  • Discussion sessions for different stakeholders in the value chain
  • Workshop on outcomes of post-harvest handling of indigenous vegetables
  • National workgroup meetings.


  • Submission of abstracts Aug 30, 2017
  • Notification of acceptance: Oct 30, 2017
  • Registration deadline: Nov 15, 2017

Event date: 20-22 November 2017
Location: Sun Beach Hotel, Fidjrossè Calvaire, Cotonou, Benin Republic
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Early bird registration fee: $200