Abstract Submission



Title The abstract title should be short and concise. Capitalize each word except prepositions, articles and species name in the title)

Author (List the names of all authors with surname followed by first name and middle name as initials (if applicable).Arabic numerals should be added in parentheses after each authors name to denote the author's organization. Insert an asterisk sign as a superscript with the corresponding author.) Affiliation, Address, City, State (For each separate organization the numeral should appear after the address in parentheses)

Background State the nature of the problem or opportunity to be addressed. Summarize the current situation and state your hypothesis.

Materials and Methods Summarize the experimental design and methodology used in the study. Results Provide a concise summary of the findings.

Conclusion Explain the significance of your findings and future implications of the results.

Keywords Enter up to three keywords in lowercase
*Corresponding email: (The e-mail address of the corresponding author should be given)

(Note: abstract length should not exceed 400 words)
Please, specify which sub-theme and form of presentation [oral or poster] preferred, final decision will be based on relevance of the article)